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ICD InSight Mapping & Market Intelligence

ICD InSight Mapping – A proactive solution for the creation of an in-depth and multi-level corpus of market intelligence on your competitors.

ICD InSight Mapping is a bespoke market intelligence service developed by ICD for our Clients on an individual basis.

ICD InSight Maps are created using an interactive package which provides an in-depth picture of the talent and expertise available in the market on an industry, regional, or global basis.

An ICD InSight Map allows a progressive organisation to build a picture of the existing and available expertise in their own or related sectors, and this in-turn provides the organisation with the opportunity to assess the 'talent pool' against planned or potential recruitment needs.

InSight Mapping – the Methodology
InSight Mapping is ideal for Clients:

ICD InSight Map – Example Presentation Format

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