Intellectual Capitcal DecisionIntellectual Capitcal Decision

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Intellectual Property

In association with customer capital, human capital, and structural capital, intellectual property forms one cornerstone of intellectual capital.

Patent Attorneys and Trade Mark Attorneys

The role of patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys in private practice not only comprises the effective prosecution of patent, trade mark and design applications in the UK and in Europe.


The role of the in-house IP practitioner within an organisation, whether that individual be a lawyer, a patent attorney or a trade mark attorney, not only comprises the identification, protection, exploitation and enforcement of IP, but also embraces the creation and the provision of direction to an IP culture within an organisation, and the establishment of the foundation to strategic business objectives.

Private Practice

IP enjoys a special status within a law firm practice, as there is hardly any aspect of a law practice that does not find itself, sooner or later, with the need to deal with an IP matter.

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